April 26, 2018


Book References

This is a listing of various books that relate to developing and sharing your journal and your life story.

A Listing of Journal and Life Story Books
Book Title Author Description
Books On Working Through Trauma or Transitions Through Journaling
Writing to Heal Pennebaker, James A guided journal for recovering from Trauma and Emotional Upheaval.
At a Journal Workshop Progoff, Ira How to use journaling to access the power of the unconscious and evoke creative ability
Journal to the Self Adams, Kathleen Opening the door to self-understanding by writing, reading and creating a journal of your life
Books That Model the Self-Discovery Process Through Writing
Writing as a Road to Self-Discovery Lane, Barry How to reach within yourself to find the words and
stories that help you understand yourself and your world.
Your Life as Story Rainer, Tristine Discovering the New Autobiography-new because it is
written as self-discovery rather then self-promotion.
Books on Faith and the Power of Stories
Man’s Search for Meaning Frankel, Victor A story about Victor’s surviving Auschwitz and the ideas about
humanity that grew our of that event. The book is about Victors
story and how, despite all the odds, it was ultimately a
positive experience.
The Call of Stories Coles, Robert Robert, a Harvard Professor describes the power of literature
to move people’s lives.
Books on Using Writing to Heal
The Power of Memoir Meyers, Linda Joy How to write your healing story.A step-by-step program using
memoir writing on the journey of emotional and physical healing.
Books on How to Approach Memoir Writing and the Writers Craft
How to Write The Story of your Life Thomas, Frank P. Covers ideas to jog your memory, organizational techniques, writing pointers
and 100 bibliography references.
Writing Life Stories Roorbach, Bill Innovative Techniques that will trigger ideas for writers. The book has
lots of writing exercises and lessons.
You Can Do a Graphic Novel Slate, Barbara About how to create a graphic novel to share your story,
integrating words and pictures.
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