April 26, 2018


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Welcome to the “Sharing My Journeys Blog”. This blog was created to blog entries to form the basis of a future book on how to  use a process called Dialogue E-journaling. The tentative name for the book is “Sharing My Journeys- Using Dialogue E-Journaling to connect for fun, friendship and fulfillment”. Also I will be sharing my personal journeys as an example of what you can experience by regular e-journaling. So please join me in the next several months as we share this journey together.

For 40 years, I (Glenn Shields)  have worked as an engineer and later in marketing in a large corporation. As I was approaching retirement, I began training as a professional life coach, and have completed both the foundational training program as well as a Group Coaching class at the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT). I have also been trained by Retirement Options (retirementoptions.com) as a professional retirement coach. I have been certified to administer and to interpret their Retirement Success Profile (RSP) as well as their Life Options Profile (LOP) assessments and to work as a life coach with my clients using all their other tools including their books, interactive client exercises and powerful questions. I also completed training to be a “48 Days to the Work You Love” certified career coach as well.

I live near Lost Springs, Kansas, at least some of the time when I am not on the road in my RV. My recent life has been focused on discovering: WHO I am and WHAT my calling is to be in my ‘mature life’ years after the so called retirement from a full-time job. As a career and retirement life coach, I work with others to assist them in finding clarity in who they are and what they are to become as they navigate through difficult transitions in their life, such as retirement, life’s trauma, or aging issues. To help these people move forward with their life, I utilize several processes and specific techniques primarily carried out on the phone or over the internet through email, websites, etc.

After retirement for about 2 years I worked with people in career transition through leading a career networking and support group sponsored by local neighborhood churches in the Yorkville, Illinois area. This was a rewarding experience and it was truly gratifying to see people find employment that fit their passions as they worked through the 48 days career planning process.

I guess I am still trying to find my identity in retirement, something to replace the work function that I had when employed full time. We we are working on developing a farmstead with my son in Kansas, to that keeps me busy, but my real passion is to assist people near or in retirement (the baby boomers) to find their way as they go through various life transitions in the last half of their life.

After trying various programs on several websites, I decided to explore various processes to improve your life through the power of journaling and telling your stories so I can discover who I am and to assist others in this phase of life to use the power of story to edit their life as they go thru traumas  and various aging stages in their life.

As I traveled around the southwest in my RV during  the winter months, I meet many people who were in the same transition as I was. One thing I learned was, if I could get them to share their story then they would seem to more quickly develop relationships with each other and their face would light up. They would develop a completely new radiance and countenance. At one RV park we stayed at, each evening they would have this happy hour, of sorts, where a portion of the time was devoted to story telling and many wonderful stories emerged.

I want to dedicate this blog to assisting others to deal with living life’s trauma and transition situations and while they are doing this to edit their life by purposefully living a better story in their future.

To develop this process I plan to develop a blog. Over the next several months I will be blogging on this blog how to use a special process I call Dialogue E-journaling on how to share my stories and to create a better life story in my future. I hope you will join me as I travel down this road. Through the power of journaling and story we can edit our life into a better story.

If you would like to learn more or ask me a question, please fill out the form on the contact page or give me a call where we can conduct a free consultation over the phone to determine how I can assist you.

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