April 26, 2018

Where do you spend your time online? Are you addicted?

On foxnews.com I ran across a study conducted by Experian has revealed that Americans spend the more time on social media sites than any other country, a full 16 minutes for each hour they are on-line. The report quotes Ari Zoldan, president and CEO of Quantum Media Holdings,  who says the numbers aren’t shocking, citing mobile usage taking social media addiction to the next level.

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Facebook Addiction Statistics  (Photo credit: Life Mental Health)

“It’s a total time zap. If you think about it, we don’t go anywhere
without our mobile phones, we’re always connected with social media,”
Zoldan says. And apparently talking about ourselves and living in infamy on social
media is more interesting to users than news and even celebrities. The
survey found Americans are also spending more time on these sites than
they do on entertainment sites (nine minutes an online hour), online
shopping (five minutes an online hour) and porn (three minutes an online
hour). “Social media has brought us even more into the ‘Me’ generation,”
Zoldan says. “We are totally ego-centric. Do people really care that I
just checked into some museum?… I have people taking photos of their
steak dinners. Who cares? It’s all me, me, me.”

In my previous post “The Power of Two”, I talked about how working with a Buddy Coach through Dialogue E-Journaling would allow you to “serve” each other through accountability, encouragement and support. This is quite a contrast to the “me,me, me obsession the survey above indicated. So, how will you spend your time on-line. Will it be taking photos of what you had for lunch, or will it be to begin a dialogue with a few good friends, for fun, friendship and fulfillment? So examine why you spend 16 minutes of each hour on social media? Is it truly pleasurable, meaningful, or would your time be better spent reaching out to connect with some real friends?
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