April 26, 2018

Are your friendships a dead end or would you like a new type of friend?

In this process of Dialogue E-Journaling, I envision a special new type of Friendship being created. Remember the purpose of Dialogue E-Journaling is to connect for fun, friendship and fulfillment.

Corner of Friendship Dr. and E. Winnemissett A...

Corner of Friendship Dr. and E. Winnemissett Av in Deland, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, lets look at what this new type of friend might look like. Most of our friendships (at least mine) are quite shallow, not deep or even on-going at all. LIke the graphic in this post, many appear to be a dead end or at least not worth putting in the effort to continue and improve. As I watch people interact on facebook, there appears to be some connection with people who comment on the various facebook entries, but I don’t see any kind of real meaningful dialogue developing. It seems, for the most part, just disconnected attempts to connect, when something “noteworthy” happens to be “on your mind.” For some facebookers, it doesn’t even have to noteworthy, but that’s another story.

Some time ago, I ran across this little workbook by Amanda Rankin entitled “The little workbook that could change your life-Buddy Coaching for Christians, a Revolutionary Plan to Set Goals and Achieve Them.” As a trained life coach, I was intrigued about this concept of “buddy coaching”. Would it be practical for essentially “untrained” people to coach each other, in a fun and effective way? I have concluded that it is indeed possible and practical to utilize this unique approach to friendship. So, as I continue this blog, I will list and define principles of how “life coaches” interact with their clients, principles that any one of you can utilize as you assist your friends in their life walk. And you don’t even have to pay the coaching fee.

Amanda defines a “buddy coach” as “a friend that you can team up with–an accountability parther. It’s someone who can be your coach, and you perhaps, can be their’s.” Amanda suggests buddy coaching be done over the phone or in person on a weekly basis. The concept in Dialogue E-journaling is to connect “electronically”, via email, etc. on a daily or several times a week basis. So, a more intense interaction of what’s happening in your life.

More on this concept in the next post. Happy Journaling.


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